Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Executing Coaching - Who Is It For?

Brooke partners with top-level executives who are seeking something more.

You are performance-driven (and sometimes, perhaps, a bit intense). You may enter coaching from a place of disconnect—something is amiss and you know it, or others around you know it. Something needs to be addressed in your leadership or your career and you want to take the time to figure it out and do what you can to remedy it.

On the other hand, things may be going very well, but you—like most good leaders—understand that success can breed complacency and you want to stay sharp to be ready for what’s next. You may be long overdue for a candid perspective on how you’re doing, so you can lead with greater effectiveness, purpose and satisfaction.

Whether sensing a gap or wanting to grow to stay on your game, you are committed to developing practices that increase your overall efficacy and fulfillment. You are willing to reflect, take feedback, experiment and do the hard work of behavioral change—and from these things: evolve.

Executing Coaching - How it Works?

Brooke’s signature coaching style is an ‘all-in,’ client-customized partnership.

Brooke will forge a one-on-one partnership with you, typically lasting a year. This “all-in” coaching employs exercises suited to your learning style and tried-and-true tools such as interview-based assessment with your most important stakeholders—your team and, if you’re brave, those you love. Brooke respects your time, but coaching takes work.

Most of your learning and experimentation will take place on the job. Along the way, you will also do some targeted work outside of work, as some problems cannot be solved in the environment that created them. For example:

  • If you’ve not yet mastered executive presence, you will complete challenges that boost your credibility and ease
  • If you’re struggling with  distraction, you may pick up a meditation practice (an exceptional cognitive control exercise)
  • If you consistently talk over people, you may interview someone you care about (and just listen)

In short, Brooke’s approach is open and creative but also results-oriented and based on rock-solid research on how adults learn.

Brooke’s Executive Clients

Working with Brooke made me a better executive, husband and father. She quickly earned my trust, helped me identify key strengths and weaknesses, and then coached me through changes that we agreed were important. Brooke’s impact on my professional and personal life has been significant.

I never envisioned I would come this far during the time I worked with Brooke. She has gifts of insight, synthesis, and moving from a high level down to tight, synthesized action. I cannot thank her enough for the impact she’s had on my life.

When I embarked on trying to find a new coach, I was concerned about finding someone at least as good as my last one.  With Brooke, that turned out to be a funny concern, as she took it to such a different level.

She is so good at what she does. She is so well read and knowledgeable about different industries that she will get the right perspective for each person and situation. I would encourage folks with complex situations to see Brooke and only Brooke.

Brooke began advising me when our company was in a deep leadership crisis. Her steady-handed guidance, positive energy, incredible insight and thoughtful recommendations helped me develop the skills necessary to take on the most challenging chapter our company has ever endured. I would recommend her to anyone who is in a leadership position of extreme change management.

Brooke helps and guides rather than directing. She will ask the right questions to expand your thinking, offer insight from past experiences and require commitment to the process, which all adds up to a successful outcome. Working with Brooke has taught me more about who I am and how to better understand the people around me.  This process can be difficult (especially when you are asking for and accepting feedback from others), but it truly pays dividends for both yourself and your team.

With a successful “nonstop to the top” career, a great corporate position and happy family life, I’d never thought about an executive coach.  Until I got a new boss. In 12 months I went from a flourishing leader to an unhappy and fearful executive. Though I interviewed many well-qualified coaches, when I met Brooke, I knew right away I’d like to work with her.  She has great presence and compassion and gets the complexities of business relationships.

Brooke helped me understand my situation and gave me practical, actionable ideas to navigate and lead in a very challenging environment.

With Brooke, you have a personal champion; you’re not in it alone. She’s special not only because of her flawless integrity; she invests the time to know her clients well, and cares deeply about their happiness and wellbeing.

Coaching with Brooke has given me a solid sense of my purpose—who I am, why I lead, and what values drive me and bring me fulfillment. This knowledge has been foundational—it helps me discern how I get off track, when my actions are (and are not) aligned with my values, and how I can be a leader who inspires the best in others, because it is what I demand of myself.

Brooke has really mastered the art AND science of this work, supporting her clients with tools, readings, and other rigorous “homework” that pushes them toward their goals, while always maintaining focus on their emotional wellbeing.

Brooke is an outstanding executive coach. Attentive, knowledgeable, caring, and strong, Brooke led me through a process that helped me realize that growth is truly an “inside job” that can come when one is ready to develop and exercise increased self-awareness, self-discipline, and openness to change. She provided support at every turn through structured and informal means. Brooke has the utmost integrity and respected my needs (and my organization’s) in every way.

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